After 27 years at the helm, Georgia Hospital Association's Joe Parker to retire next year

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Georgia Hospital Association (GHA) President and CEO Joseph Parker will retire next June 30 after 27 years at the organization’s helm, GHA recently announced.

Parker joined GHA as director of financial services in 1978 after an eight-year stint in the financial department of Georgia Baptist Hospital in Atlanta.

Parker received the 2002 AHA Trustee Award for his noteworthy contributions to AHA, and two years later helped craft the association’sHealth for Life national health care reform platform as a member of the AHA board. “Joe has been an extraordinary leader for hospitals, both in Georgia and nationally,” said AHA President and CEO Rich Umbdenstock. “His leadership exemplifies the power of collaboration and commitment.”

Umbdenstock said Parker helped Georgia hospitals set a strong agenda built around obtaining access and coverage for
more people, measuring and improving quality and building public trust and confidence.

“His leadership has been impressive and his service has strengthened the AHA,” he added. Parker helped create the Georgia Indigent Care Trust Fund – a program that reimburses hospitals that treat large numbers of uninsured patients and preserves access to care for hundreds of thousands of Georgians.

The association's executive committee will meet in the next few weeks to begin searching for a replacement.

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