AHA again urges HHS to halt flawed and redundant OIG audits

AHA News Now

In a letter yesterday to HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell, AHA again asked the Department of Health and Human Services to immediately stop flawed and redundant audits by its Office of Inspector General. “On June 2nd, I sent the attached letter to Secretary Sebelius expressing serious concerns about OIG audits that have used extrapolation to estimate Medicare overpayments, which CMS contractors have then sought to recover from hospitals,” wrote AHA Executive Vice President Rick Pollack. “We asked that these practices be halted immediately and were hopeful that they had been. Last month, however, the OIG issued another audit report using extrapolation to determine the estimated Medicare overpayment to a hospital system. And, in this new audit as in the prior ones, the OIG misconstrued and misapplied numerous Medicare regulations and policies.” He said OIG’s approach “grossly exaggerates estimated Medicare overpayments, leads to excessive recoveries by Medicare contractors, and otherwise prejudices and burdens hospitals.”

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