AHA: Better collaboration means better health care

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Collaboration is good for health care, AHA President and CEO Rich Umbdenstock notes in an AHA advertorial today in the Wall Street Journal. "That's not just our opinion: nearly everyone, from the Institute of Medicine to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, has identified fragmentation as one of the main culprits of higher cost, lower quality health care. When doctors, nurses and other caregivers work as a team, patients receive more convenient care with less duplication and fewer adverse prescription drug interactions. By coming together, these same caregivers can avoid duplicating the huge cost of investing in care improvements such as electronic health records.…This is a new world for all stakeholders: hospitals, physicians, nurses and other caregivers. But most recognize that working together to build a true system of health care is the best way to meet their commitment to provide high-quality patient care, especially in this era of decreasing resources." For more information, visit www.aha.org/collaboration.

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