AHA comments on article related to hospital-employed physicians

AHA News Now

In a letter today to the editor of the New York Times, the AHA commented on a Nov. 30 article in the newspaper related to hospital employment of physicians. "Better care coordination are not buzzwords for America's hospitals," wrote AHA President and CEO Rich Umbdenstock. "Delivering coordinated care reflects a journey that hospitals have been navigating for quite some time in an effort to improve quality for patients. Your article doesn't recognize the forces that are pushing hospitals and physicians to come together: expectations by employers, insurers and government at all levels for more coordinated, efficient health care. Meeting those expectations requires building a continuum of care to replace the fragmented system of health care. Physician practices are an essential part of that continuum. Such acquisitions are policed by two federal and numerous state antitrust authorities. Ultimately, patients receive significant benefits when caregivers work together to provide more coordinated, more efficient and higher quality care."

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