AHA comments on proposed administrative simplification rule

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A proposed rule establishing unique identifiers for health plans and other entities should help facilitate appropriate routing of electronic health care claims, the AHA said in comments submitted today. The rule would require health plans and other entities covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to use the health plan ID in health care transactions, and allow pharmacists and other providers exempt from HIPAA to apply for a national provider identifier for use in health care claims. Among other changes, AHA recommends CMS require health plans to use the HPID on subscriber enrollment cards, and provide more guidance on the appropriate use of sub-health plan identifiers. AHA also urged CMS to extend the rule's effective date and compliance deadline, which currently coincides with the new ICD-10 compliance date. The proposed rule implements the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's administrative simplification provisions. AHA commented on the rule's ICD-10 provisions in a separate letter this week.

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