AHA issue papers examine 2012 advocacy priorities

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The AHA today released its annual message card and issue papers outlining the association's key advocacy priorities for 2012. The documents, which members will use to explain the hospital field's concerns to their legislators, will be highlighted at the AHA Annual Membership Meeting May 6-9 in Washington, D.C. The message card urges legislative action on key extenders and drug shortage legislation, and lays the foundation for the debate over deficit reduction sure to come after the November election. Issue paper topics include: improving hospital performance; delivery system reform programs; coverage; physician issues; health information technology; Medicare; Medicaid; small or rural hospitals; outpatient evaluation and management services; annual appropriations; workforce; hospital capital financing; pension funding; program integrity and contractor overlap; clinical integration; administrative simplification and ICD-10 implementation; and medical liability reform. For more on the AHA meeting, or to register to attend, visit www.aha.org.

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