AHA report promotes good stewardship of health care resources

AHA News Now

AHA today released a white paper on appropriate use of medical resources, which includes a “top five” list of hospital-based procedures or interventions that should be reviewed and discussed by a patient and physician before proceeding. Specifically, the report calls for appropriate blood management in inpatient services; appropriate antimicrobial stewardship; reducing inpatient admissions for ambulatory-sensitive conditions; appropriate use of elective percutaneous coronary intervention; and appropriate use of the intensive care unit for imminent terminal illness. In coming months, AHA will release additional resources and best practices to support appropriate use of these procedures and interventions. “By reducing the utilization of non-beneficial care – care that increases costs without a concomitant increase in value – we can have a delivery system that achieves the Triple Aim...improved health, a quality patient experience, and lowered costs,” the report states. Developed with guidance from AHA’s Committee on Clinical Leadership and Physician Leadership Forum, the report builds on the 2013 AHA Board of Trustees report "Ensuring a Healthier Tomorrow."

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