AHA report provides roadmap for healthier future

AHA News Now

As policymakers grapple to rein in federal spending, a new report from the AHA Board of Trustees recommends 12 priority actions to promote health care quality, appropriateness and efficiency, and wise use of health care dollars. With 10,000 baby boomers entering Medicare each day, advances in medical technologies and growth in chronic illness, the Congressional Budget Office projects that Medicare costs will almost double by 2022 to more than $1 trillion a year, the report notes. “Real improvements in health and health care – as opposed to arbitrary cuts in provider payment – have the ability to put our country on a more sustainable fiscal path,” the report states.…”[B]y focusing our efforts and taking responsibility for that which we can control, together we can ensure a healthier tomorrow.” For the full list of recommended actions, see www.aha.org/healthiertomorrow.

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