AHA supports proposed delay in ICD-10 compliance deadline

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The AHA supports the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' proposed one-year delay in the compliance date for the International Classification of Diseases 10th Edition Clinical Modification and Procedure Coding System, and strongly recommends that CMS move forward with both the CM and PCS coding systems at the same time, the association said in comments submitted today. The comment letter includes highlights from an AHA survey in February, which found most hospital leaders prefer limiting the delay to one year and finalizing the deadline soon so they can adjust their implementation plans. The survey also found that while many hospitals are well prepared for the transition, a short delay will allow them to address competing initiatives, such as adoption of electronic health records. AHA plans to submit separate comments on other elements of the proposed rule, including adoption of a standard for a unique health plan identifier and changes to the national provider identifier requirements. "However, we are very concerned about establishing the same compliance date for ICD-10 and the [health plan ID]," AHA said. "We recommend that the date for the HPID be one year later than the revised Oct. 1, 2014 date for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS" to isolate the cause of any processing problems that occur.

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