AHA urges Congress to rein in Medicare's RACs

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Reining in Medicare’s recovery auditor contractors (RAC) is a key part of the AHA’s advocacy agenda.

The AHA and hospital leaders are telling Congress that the program drowns hospitals in redundant audits, unmanageable medical record requests and inappropriate payment denials; wastes hospital resources and contributes to growing health care costs; and invites potential conflicts of interest by allowing auditors to receive contingency fee payments.

That’s why hospitals are pushing legislators to support the Medicare Audit Improvement Act, H.R. 1250/S. 1012, which would restructure the way RACs and other Medicare auditors can review providers. And House lawmakers are responding to the call for action. More than 200 representatives support the bill. They are listed below. Is your representative on the list? If not, urge your House member to endorse the bill. (For more on the issue, listen to our audio podcast on page 4.)

Topic: Advocacy and Public Policy

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