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The AHA July 20 unveiled an innovative social platform for connecting health care professionals with each other and to products and services.

The new service, AHA SmartMarket, is designed to allow health care professionals
to search products and services, rate and review product performance and network with colleagues and experts in the field.

The AHA launched the service at the Health Forum and AHA Leadership Summit in San Diego.

The AHA is offering it as a free service to all health care professionals working in hospitals and health systems and other provider settings, such as physicians’ offices, long-term care facilities, surgical centers, outpatient clinics and ambulatory care centers.

“No one knows more about the products and services used by health care professionals than other health care professionals,” said AHA President and CEO Rich Umbdenstock.

The association’s new social platform, AHA SmartMarket, debuted July 20 at the Health Forum and AHA Leadership Summit in San Diego. It connects health professionals with each other and to product and service providers. AHA SmartMarket is the first social collaboration network designed for health care professionals by the AHA.

“AHA SmartMarket is a unique way for the field to continue learning from one another – the people they trust most.”

The association says AHA SmartMarket users can find solutions for critical problems facing their organizations; compare products side by side; rate and review products and services that have worked effectively for their organizations and get ratings and reviews from trusted connections in their networks. They also can join discussion groups to share what they’ve learned.

The AHA ultimately wants AHA SmartMarket to “strengthen the alignment and collaboration between health care providers and the vendor partners that support them,” said AHA Senior Vice President Anthony Burke, who also is president and CEO of AHA SmartMarket. More than 1,000 vendors are on the AHA Smart- Market site.

The new service got thumbs up from Mike Smith, Lee Memorial Health System’s chief information officer (CIO) in Fort Myers, Fla.

It can “help streamline decision making by putting me in contact with other CIOs and key decision makes so my staff and I can collaborate and learn the nuances of a specific product, service or issue,” he said. “I can then very fluidly evaluate related products and services right on the site by reading the reviews and feedback from my peers.” Learn more by visiting


And watch this brief video about AHA Smart Market. Tune in here. http://aha.org/smartmarket

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