AHRQ urged to work with stakeholders to improve EHR quality measures

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The AHA today encouraged the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to work with stakeholders to ensure that quality measures collected by electronic health records are "valid, reliable and feasible to collect." Health care providers and vendors have encountered "significant issues" with the re-tooled electronic specifications for quality measures used for EHR meaningful use, which "contain known errors and were never field tested," wrote Linda Fishman, AHA senior vice president of public policy analysis and development, in response to an AHRQ request for information on quality measurement enabled by health information technology. "Even those investing considerable resources to validate and correct the Clinical Quality Measures have little reason to trust the data integrity of the CQMs reported out of certified EHRs," the letter states. "In addition, there is not a structured process in place to ensure that corrections or updates are communicated and adopted by vendors." While AHA is "strongly committed" to EHR adoption and the potential benefits of automated quality reporting, the association said "it is important to get a small number of measures right before moving on to more measures or moving too quickly."

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