CMS announces Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) July 14 announced a program that will develop resources to help states accelerate Medicaid payment and service delivery reforms that reduce costs and improve care and health for beneficiaries.

Based on recommendations from the National Governors Association and National Association of Medicaid Directors, the Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program will develop and disseminate information
and tools to help states implement promising models of care; leverage data sources to promote targets for intervention, identify best practices and maximize efficiencies; align and integrate quality measurement across health care programs; and support rapid-cycle improvement.

“A joint state-federal program, Medicaid is projected to cover about 65 million people in 2014 and has a particularly strong role to play in helping to advance improvements for certain populations and in key segments of our health care
system,” according to a CMS factsheet on the program.

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