CMS awards $1.5 billion in exchange grants to states

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The Department of Health and Human Services today awarded 11 states additional grants to establish health insurance exchanges, or marketplaces, under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. One-year grants went to Delaware ($8.5 million), Iowa ($6.8 million), Michigan ($30.7 million), Minnesota ($39.3 million), North Carolina ($74 million) and Vermont ($2.2 million). Multi-year grants, available to states further ahead in the process, went to California ($673.7 million), Kentucky ($182.7 million), Massachusetts ($81.3 million), New York ($185.8 million) and Oregon ($226.5 million). To date, 34 states and the District of Columbia have received the Exchange Establishment Grants, available through 2014. The Department of Health and Human Services yesterday launched a website called the Health Insurance Marketplace,, where people will be able to enroll in qualified health plans offered by the exchanges beginning in October 2013.

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