CMS urged to withdraw new hospital governance, medical staff requirements

AHA News Now

AHA yesterday urged the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to immediately rescind new Medicare and Medicaid conditions of participation that require hospital boards to include a medical staff member and prohibit health systems from having a single, integrated medical staff. "CMS did not include either of these changes in the notice of proposed rulemaking issued Oct. 24, 2011," AHA said in a letter to the agency. "As a result, hospitals and other stakeholders had no notice that CMS was considering adopting these revisions and could not adequately comment on them. Therefore, CMS' inclusion of these substantive policy changes only in the final rule violated the Administrative Procedure Act." Among other concerns with the requirements, AHA cites "impediments for organizations that have boards that are elected, appointed or otherwise selected by members of the communities they serve" and "patient care reasons that [have] prompted many health systems to unify their medical staffs."

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