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The 2014 AHA Environmental Scan provides insight and information about market forces that have a high probability of affecting the health care field. It is designed to help hospital and health system leaders better understand the health care landscape and the critical issues and emerging trends their organizations likely will face in the foreseeable future.

The 2014 Environmental Scan is the foundation of the AHA’s three-year strategic plan. It serves the association by validating its strategic framework: the AHA’s vision, mission, values and goals. The 2014 Environmental Scan is compiled from nationally recognized sources with recommendations from AHA governance committees. The scan is produced by Gene O’Dell, the AHA’s vice president for strategic and business planning, with research from Donna Aspy, planning and operations manager, leadership and business development.

Contents of the 2014 AHA Environmental Scan are available in the September issues of H&HN and Trustee magazines. To access the September gatefold articles, go to www.hhnmag.com and select the blue “Gatefold” tab on the left or go to www.trusteemag.com and select the tan “Online Exclusives” tab on the left. To view a webcast of the scan click on the “2014-2016 Strategic Plan” link listed at the bottom of www.aha.org under the “About AHA” section. Scroll down and click on “2014 AHA Environmental Scan Webcast.”

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