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Hearing All Voices: Race, Ethnicity, Language, and the Patient Experience

Focusing on strategies to improve quality, address disparities and achieve equity will be essential in a time of rapid health care system change. This webinar, in collaboration with the Disparities Solutions Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, will discuss how measuring patient-reported outcomes is an essential component of quality assessment, yet patient experience surveys often under-represent racial, ethnic and linguistic minorities. This webinar will highlight:

What we know about the patient experience and how it leaves voices out

Strategies that organizations can take to get at the patient experience.

Shortcomings of the current tools.

Lessons learned and results from the MGH survey

Key take-home points and perspectives on where this field is going.


Moderator: Joseph R. Betancourt, M.D., director, the Disparities Solutions Center; senior scientist, Mongan Institute for Health Policy; Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Director of Multicultural Education, Massachusetts General Hospital

Karen Donelan, senior scientist at the Mongan Institute for Health Policy and associate of the Disparities Solutions Center at Massachusetts General Hospital This webinar is available free of charge, but advance registration is required. Register online at http://tinyurl.com/my6hpwh.

If you should have any questions, please contact us at

Topic: Advocacy and Public Policy

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