IRS issues burdensome draft revisions to Sched. H; OMB urged to intervene

AHA News Now

The Internal Revenue Service today released for comment "early release" drafts of a revised Schedule H form and instructions that incorporate changes from section 501(r) of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. However, IRS did not incorporate many changes recommended by the hospital field to make the form consistent with the law and eliminate overlap and redundancy. According to one tax advisor, that could mean some hospital systems would have to file a form as long as 250 pages. AHA, VHA and the Healthcare Financial Management Association today met with OMB officials to discuss the form and request the agency's intervention, consistent with President Obama's recent call to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and paperwork. According to AHA General Counsel Mindy Hatton, "Few imagined that the Schedule H form could become such a burden on the tax-exempt hospital field, particularly small hospitals and large hospital systems. We are hopeful OMB will respond to the field's concerns and request for assistance in right-sizing the form and its burdens."

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