Paper examines the growth of the hospitalist field

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A new paper from the AHA's Physician Leadership Forum summarizes the first 15 years of hospital medicine and how it is changing, including the rapidly growing number of specialty hospitalists, and discusses how hospital-focused physician practice can lead to better performance and safer hospital care. "Many medical specialties are adopting a hospital-focused model of practice, and that trend is changing the essence of health care delivery in the inpatient setting," said John Combes, M.D., AHA senior vice president. The nature of hospital-based medicine is evolving to include surgical, neurological, ob-gyn, and orthopedic hospitalists, among others. The paper is an outgrowth of a half-day session held earlier this year by the Physician Leadership Forum and the Society of Hospital Medicine to better understand the impact of hospital-focused medicine on the delivery of care.

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