Partners seek to increase U.S. organ transplants by 1,000 per year

AHA News Now

The Donation and Transplantation Community of Practice, a partnership that includes the AHA, this month announced the collective goal of increasing the number of organ transplants by 1,000 in each of the next five years. Nearly 29,000 organs were transplanted last year. Among other actions, the partners will promote the education and training of health care professionals to build a culture of donation and transplantation in each hospital, and foster and share best practices to increase the number of lives saved through transplantation each year. “The Community of Practice is committed to a national culture of donation and transplantation where each individual has the opportunity to donate and the intention of those who are designated donors is honored 100% of the time,” the group said. “This culture will result in more lives saved through successful transplantation each year.” According to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, more than 123,000 transplant candidates are currently waiting for an organ.

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