Report examines physician competencies for value-driven health care

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A new white paper from the AHA's Physician Leadership Forum examines the core competencies needed to deliver coordinated, team-based, value-driven care and recommendations for how hospitals and physician-associated organizations can develop these skills in the next generation of physicians. Produced with input from the AHA's regional policy boards, governing councils and committees, the PLF Advisory Committee and a clinical task force, the paper includes case examples of activities underway at hospitals and health systems as well as hospital and medical association efforts throughout the U.S. to embrace the core competencies. "We encourage AHA members and physician groups to collaborate on ways hospitals can begin to ingrain the competencies into their organizations and create a workforce of the future," said John Combes, M.D., AHA senior vice president and coauthor of the paper. To access the white paper, "Lifelong Learning - Physician Competency Development," visit

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