Report says health care price inflation lowest in 14 years

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Health care prices rose just 1.8% in February, the lowest rate since April 1998, according to the latest economic indicators from Altarum Institute's Center for Sustainable Health Spending.

“Price growth for nearly all health categories moderated, especially hospital care and physician services,” the report said.

Health spending growth also continued a downward trend begun in February 2011, hovering near the record annual low of 3.8% set in 2009.

With 26,000 new health care jobs, including 8,000 new hospital jobs, created in March, health care employment hit an all-time high of 10.8% percent of total employment.

To view the Altarum Institute’s Center for Sustainable Health Spending April report, visit research-initiatives-healthsystems- health-care/altarumcenter- for-studying-healthspending/ health-indicatorreports.

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