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 We want to get out there and tell our story, because we have an opportunity to impact decision makers,” says Michael Robinson, Munroe Regional Medical Center’s vice president of strategic planning and marketing, in explaining how the Ocala, FL-based hospital is taking advantage of the AHA’s “We Care, We Vote” initiative. The nationwide effort is designed to get every member of your hospital family involved in this year’s election.

They are doing that at Munroe Regional Medical Center, where CEO Steve Purves is contributing a message about We Care, We Vote in a biweekly e-newsletter that reaches more than 12,000 subscribers, including more than 2,600 hospital employees and another 1,600 volunteers. Also, the medical center is carrying the message to the more than 26,000 members of its “Prestige 55” wellness and recreational program for seniors.

In the works is a video presentation from Purves describing the initiative, which will be posted on the medical center’s web site, Facebook and Twitter.

“We’re holding a session with our board to educate them about We Care, We Vote … and we’ll be meeting with local legislators and candidates,” adds Robinson. “The AHA put together an incredible playbook for us to follow,” Robinson says. “And we are going to use it to reach out to a lot of people.”

Take some pages out of our playbook. wecarewevotetoolkit, you’ll find resources to help encourage your employees to register and vote.

You’ll find resources for engaging your extended hospital family – employees, physicians, nurses, trustees, volunteers and vendors – so that they understand the challenges facing the field and are empowered to advocate for your hospital.

You’ll find a guide to help you gauge your elected officials and candidates’ positions on health care and the deficit and educate them on the challenges ahead. In addition, you’ll find resources to help enhance your meetings with lawmakers so that you can be a more effective advocate for your patients, your hospital and your community. And be sure to watch AHA President and CEO Rich Umbdenstock’s video clip on the initiative by clicking on the “We Care, We Vote” icon

Please join this important initiative. We need to let the candidates know that the hospital family cares … and that we vote.

As Munroe Regional Medical Center’s Robinson says: “There are 5.4 million of us nationwide and this is a tremendous opportunity for all of us to make our voices heard.”


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