Study: Strong hospital-SNF relationship reduces readmissions

AHA News Now

Hospital patients discharged to a skilled nursing facility are less likely to be re-hospitalized within 30 days if the hospital has a strong relationship with the SNF, according to a recent study published in Health Services Research. The study found that for hospitals that own a SNF, the readmission rate was lower for referrals to its own SNF (17%) than to SNFs outside of the organization (21%). The study of Medicare claims from 2004 to 2006 also suggests that when hospitals concentrate their discharges in a particular SNF, the readmission rate is lower. “It would appear that this offers an explanation of why hospitals which own a SNF have lower rehospitalization rates,” the authors write. The study also suggests that other hospitals might establish preferred provider relationships with a SNF that could function as “virtual hospital-based” facilities.

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