Supreme Court and beyond

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 The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” last week – just a few days after the second anniversary of the law’s enactment (see page 1). Much has already been written and discussed about those three days of arguments and the various challenges to the law. Regardless how the Supreme Court rules, there are certain things you can count on in the months ahead.

First, it will be an election year, and health care will be a hot topic, from local races all the way to the presidential contest. Second, performance improvement will be high on every hospital’s list of priorities. Third, you can rely on the AHA to keep you informed about new developments and involved in both excellence and advocacy.

As we have before in times of uncertainty, the AHA, together with our strategic partners – the state, regional and metropolitan hospital associations – stands ready to help you understand and respond to the legislative and regulatory changes on the horizon, and to support your hospitals as they strive to deliver an ever-higher quality of care in the face of those changes. Our unity remains our strength, especially in these challenging times.

Topic: Advocacy and Public Policy

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