National Nutrition Month


The word hunger calls to mind thin starving children. But in America today the real picture of undernutrition is different. In some cases, obese children are malnourished because they are consuming the wrong types of food – foods that are dense in calories, but nutritionally poor.

National Nutrition... read more

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AHA HAVE Awards honor our volunteers


For 34 years, the Hospital Awards for Volunteer Excellence (HAVE) have honored exceptional volunteer efforts that provide distinguished service to hospitals, patients and communities. Earlier today we announced our 2017 award recipients, who will be recognized May 8 at the AHA Annual Membership Meeting in... read more

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Strong rural hospitals require both smart affiliation strategies and federal policies, says LifePoint Health's Bill Carpenter

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Smart affiliation strategies and smart federal policies will be critical to the survival of many non-urban hospitals, says AHA board member William “Bill” Carpenter III, chairman and CEO of Brentwood, Tenn.-based LifePoint Health – a health care organization that has one of the largest rural footprints in... read more

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Hospital offers at-risk youth a grim lesson about gun violence


As a steward of its community’s health, North Philadelphia’s Temple University Hospital knows it is uniquely positioned to address the public health crisis posed by gun violence. For more than a decade, its “Cradle to Grave” program has given at-risk youth an unflinching look at the effects that guns have... read more

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Vanessa Ervin advocates for better behavioral health care

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The Class of 2019 profiles the women and men who joined the AHA board this year.

Like hospital and health system leaders across the country, AHA board member Vanessa Ervin has serious concerns about Congress repealing parts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without enacting replacement legislation that... read more

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Inauguration Day and the Future of Health Care


Inauguration Day ushers in a new era of change in Washington. Republicans and Democrats will assemble together to watch Donald Trump take the oath of office, and to celebrate the peaceful passing of power that is a hallmark of our democracy. Meanwhile, across America, health care needs don’t take a day... read more

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The AHA's Strategic Plan is our roadmap for the future


The AHA’s 2017-2020 Strategic Plan is the result of significant deliberation, study, and hard work by AHA’s Board of Trustees, governance committees, and staff, after much input and guidance from you, our membership. We heard from you and responded with a plan that is designed to provide a quick overview... read more

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AHA ready to support field on quality improvement, cost reduction efforts, says AHA trustee Estes

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By Pete Davis

The Class of 2018 profiles the women and men who joined the AHA board this year. 

Hospitals and health systems are working hard to improve the quality of care being delivered to patients while reducing costs, and the AHA is well-positioned to support hospitals in these efforts, says AHA... read more

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2016: Momentum of change continues

AHA News

Every single day the men and women who lead America’s hospitals are confronted with a full plate of urgent problems that require their immediate attention. Dealing with these challenges makes a daily difference in the lives of patients, employees, physicians and the community. The work they do is truly... read more

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SHSMD announces new president-elect, board members

AHA News Now

The AHA's Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development has chosen as its 2016 president-elect Ruth Padilla Portacci, principal of Healthcare Strategy Partners in Nashville, TN. Portacci will become president of the organization in 2017. The society also elected three new board members to... read more

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