Avera e-CARE's telehealth services work to preserve healthy rural hospitals, communities

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Sioux Falls, S.D.-based Avera Health’s use of telehealth services illustrates how necessity is the mother of innovation.

The integrated delivery system turned to telehealth 25 years ago to bolster recruitment and retention of physicians in the more rurally remote regions it served.

At the time,... read more

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Telehealth is changing care


The health care world is changing. New technologies are moving the field in new and different directions, all of which is good news for patients.

Take, for example, how hospitals and health systems are using telehealth to expand access to care, improve outcomes for patients and reduce costs. We released... read more

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Say 'ahhh' to doctor 400 miles away

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A physician with Rice Medical Center in rural Eagle Lake, Texas, can treat students nearly 400 miles away in tiny Sheffield (population 600) via telemedicine. His virtual tool-belt includes an electronic stethoscope that enables him to hear a patient’s heartbeat in real time and a high-definition camera... read more

Topic: Community Health
Tags: Community health, Community Connections, rural, Critical Access Hospitals, telemedicine

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